Thursday, May 3, 2012

TO DO List

Yup, it's definitely been a while. the last three months have come and gone in a blur. I've been interning at a t.v. station and with a full time job that equals no DIY/home reno time. Good news though, I have a working stove!!!!

After sitting down to think through all of my pending home renovation projects I came up with this long and scary list. I don't know how long this is going to take to complete, but i'm pseudo excited! ok, im completely excited! ok, going back to pseudo excited...

re-sand/paint cabinets
caulk cabinets
finish sanding/paint cabinet doors
clean/reuse cabinet hinges or replace?
remove paint from sink
upgrade electrical
install stove
install range hood
install dishwasher
install garbage disposal
reuse countertops? (sand, prime, paint, seal)
DIY countertops?
granite countertops

clean/remove paint from floors
add bamboo floor reducer(s)
paint walls WHITE (SATIN FINISH)
paint light grey stripes on one wall
change light fixture in art corner
repaint cabinet
repaint table
repaint chairs
reupholster chairs
finish credenza

add bamboo floor reducer
wash curtains
spray paint the heater grate
remove air-conditioner? Patch up hole in wall?
water damage in front wall?

Sand bathroom vanity
repaint bathroom vanity
remove pedestal sink - sell on craigslist
remove sliding door - replace with clear glass sliding door?
reconfigure storage, hooks
build wall cabinet
install wall cabinet
install chandelier
add bamboo floor reducer

paint white stripes
change light fixture?
organize hall closets

finish bathroom vanity
replace pedestal sink - sell on craigslist
DIY vanity counterop
install sink bowl
install faucet
paint stripes
replace light fixture?
add more storage, hooks, towel racks
refinish mirror?
add bamboo floor reducer

add insulation
sheet rock
add lighting
install washer/dryer
relocate work table
refinish cabinets and relocate
refinish floor

hang closet pole
transfer clothes to closet
paint office area
sand/paint desk
spray paint chair
upholster chair
reorganize closet
additional socket for electronics/lighting in office area

2nd coat of chalkpaint
sand/paint isaiah's bedframe
sand/paint isaiah's dresser
sand/paint isaian's nightstand
replace light fixture (spray paint gold?) sell on craigslist
dye curtains
DIY zelda art

finish painting molding
add exterior lighting/wiring
replace beams with 4x4s
refinish wood fence
sand/paint/stain front door
replace front door lock hardware
add doorbell (Wired vs. Wireless?)
look at water damage in front of house
replace mailbox

drill holes in front yard tree trunk and add root killer
remove tree trunk
remove "lawn"
add pathway across lawn to front door
retaining wall

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