Tuesday, June 7, 2011

rug experience

I've seen so many rug makeovers all over the blogosphere, but none got my attention like this one did. Shelley at House of Smith's shared this great guide to her awesome DIY experiment.
These are the colors i've chosen for my project. What do you think?
"Dinner Mint" and "Feather White" for the horizontal stripes and "Youthful Coral" for the border.

rug in original state

rug after 1 coat of primer

rug after two coats of primer

rug ready for stripes

ta da! almost ready for the "youthful coral" borders.

ready and taped up for paint.

two coats of "dinner mint" and "feather white" for the stripes two coats of "'youthful coral" for the stripes.

finished product

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