Wednesday, September 15, 2010

the right colors...

i've been looking at colors for the exterior of the glen and i'm very pleased and excited with my top three choices. Here they go:

first, we have a GREY and ORANGE combination that i feel is comtemporary, edgy, and different, but not over the top. the orange would be used on the door of the house and the grey as the primary color. some other sort of off-white color would be used for details around the exterior.

second, we have a more girly choice which includes a GREY very similar to the previous, but the door would be LAVENDER instead of orange. What do you think? Too feminine?

thirdly, we have a more stricking color for the door, RED, and a primary color that is, again, in the neutral/GRAY family.

I'm really excited to be getting closer to the close of escrow. I'm ready to get my hands dirty with all the work that comes with purchasing and renovating a distraught home.

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